Monday, January 26, 2009

This bugs me...

People that I've either never met or rarely talk to or who aren't really my friends asking me to analyze their photographs.  And most of them are just drunk photos of their friends or photos of their motorcycle and mostly taken by their cell phone.

No I don't think the picture of your bike is good.  No I don't think you have the right to CRITICIZE my photos.  No i don't want you to tell me which ones are NOT GOOD.  I work hard.  I edit all weekend long.  I don't go out anymore.  I'm putting a lot of time, a lot of energy and a lot of money into this photography thing.  So unless you have gotten paid for your photoshoot, won a photo contest, started your own business or been published- do NOT criticize me.  And no- I won't give you free photoshoots or free photography advice.  Where do people get the balls for this shit?


  1. People are stupid.

    Also, what about people who have studied photography? Are they allowed to criticize your work?

    Not that I would without being asked, I was just wondering.

  2. Yeah- that's fine. I don't mind if people who are pros or who know shit do. the people I'm talking about are idiots who never even went to college and are taking pics on their cell phone and think it's art, or who have never picked up a camera that wasn't point and shoot. And they criticize without me asking. They just IM me and tell me how awful some of my pics are. Did I ask their advice? Did I ask what they think? NO.

    Now you, Amanda- I might tell you to look at a shoot and tell me what you think and what angles would have looked better.... and I would hope for your honest opinion. But I had asked. UGHHHH I hate people