Tuesday, January 20, 2009

my english major wanna be coming out

I can NOT stand people who constantly misspell EASY words that we were taught in kindergarten. And I'm not talking about uneducated people. I'm talking about people who have graduated high school and even college. Granted their majors may not have been English or Business or Education, where grammar is DRILLED into them- but if you are LIVING then you should know how to spell- or know how to hit "ABC [check mark]". And the worst is people who pronounce words wrong like: SupposeBly not SupposeDly (the D is correct people) or canNidate instead of canDidate (D is correct again) or IRregardless instead of Regardles (no 'ir'). How about people who compose sentences that don't even make sense? It's like they had potluck day in their brain and everyone brought a random word and you threw them all together to make something that doesn't make sense and no one wants.

It's so freaking frustrating. You're educated- you're older than me in some cases. If you are older than a 10 year old- FIX YOUR FUCKING GRAMMAR. Take a damn English class. Or READ OVER what you write before you go and and make a complete dumb-ass out of yourself.


  1. Amen, I cannot stand it when people who have terrible grammar write something that I have to read, or something that I want to read. One sentence in and I'm done.

    Granted I can't spell to save my life...but I can use spell check or right click on a word that is underlined in red...

  2. Also, I know a 2 year old that can play black jack on an iphone, you'd think someone with a college degree could use spell check

  3. if this is about me you are a jerk

  4. NO! It's not about you at all. I promise!! You have good grammer just clumsy fingers! :)