Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have news!

Ok so a few exciting things I'm going to recap with everyone real quick.

1) I have a date!! yay! I'm going over to Steve's house on friday because he's cooking me dinner!! (I've never had a guy cook for me before) so that's pretty bangin. This is the same guy who opened all my doors for me, brought me flowers and paid for dinner last week. So this should be exciting. I'm baking brownies and icecream for dessert (the ice cream I'm buying- not baking)

2) I ran a contest for discounted photoshoots for this sunday (cuz I thought I was poor and didn't have enough for health insurance (even though it turned out my deposit just didn't go though yet)). And whenever I used to be poor I used to think of ways to make money like::: prostitution, selling my eggs, etc etc. Now I can whore myself out with discounted photoshoots/promotions! yay! So anyways- pimped myself out on FB and I already booked 2 people!! Yay 200 dolla dolla bills y'all. So that's exciting. I'm really looking forward to it though!. One is head shots and one is grad pics.

3) Guess who's website just got launched?!?! THAT WOULD BE MINE!!!!!! Ok. Amy is a GENIUS!!!

Look at how BANGIN my website looks!!!! :) :) :) :)

This pic --->> is my home page and it is awesome. If you go to the portfolio page and click on the pictures in each section they FLY at you!!! :) hehe. ANDDDDD - the front page is a SLIDESHOW. And I just LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEE IT!!!! I'm really excited :) MANY MANY THANKS to Amy for her awesome awesome work!!

The website ISSSSSSS:::::


That's all for now friends!!! Love!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Let me tell you a little story about my lunch.

Me and the work girls (Emily, Kim and Stefanie) went out to Panera for lunch. Little did I know I would be getting a meal AND a show.

So we go, and the place is PACKED. There are little old ladies EVERYWHERE. So we wait in line and I get the bangin ceasar salad/broccoli cheddar soup combo. We finally find a place to sit in this little like room inside the restaurant that has like 4 tables. So we're excited.

Anyways. Half way through our meal we notice this short grubby fat and wicked greasy italian guy sitting next to us like about 2-3 yards away. He has a laptop cuz Panera has free wifi. Then we notice he has a huge has webcam attached to the top of it.

I turn to Stefanie and I'm like: if he whips anything out- we're outta here. Well NO sooner did I say this- I look across the table at Emily and her mouth DROPS in shock. We all turn and look and see that the girl this guy has been webcamming with has taken off her shirt and is shoving her boobs into the camera. Within ONE minute of that happening- it escalates and she is completely NAKED and dancing on the screen. Dancing all they way to the shower, while taking a shower and then after the shower.

We sat there for like a half hour because it was like a train wreck. All he kept saying over and over was: "That's great. That's just perfect."

If that weren't bad enough........ we then realize that he is TAKING SCREEN SHOTS from the webcam and saving them as pictures on his laptop!!!!! EWW

And if THAT weren't bad enough----- He is sitting by the door of this little room- aka: with his lap top facing the ENTIRE restaurant. No joke- we watched a group of 4 old ladies walk behind him , one mother/son combo, and a businessman and his girlfriend, just to name a few.

It was INSANE. And while this is happening- there are booths right near him that if he could have sat at - ones where his laptop would not be cause for offense to an entire restaurant of old ladies and families, and mid-twenties girls who are laughing their asses off while being simultaneously horrified, and making awful jokes like asking what time it is and saying it's shower time and him getting only a bag of chips and lots of napkins, etc etc. Nearly peed my damn pants.


In other news.... some changes going on at work that might mean permanent-ness for me *crosses fingers* yay health insurance!?!?!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The HARDEST part is trying to act like everything is ok. It's near torture to smile and make small talk and pretend that my life isn't crashing down around me. It's impossible to get up every morning and drag my butt to work and out and to see people when I'd rather be alone curled up on my bed crying.

This is hard on so many different dimensions I can't even believe it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Post Office now delivers hate mail

So I have to go to the Post office every morning to pick up the mail. The post office lady's name is Elisabeth. She's this cute middle aged skinny black woman. We usually just chat in the morning while I sign the slips and I'm on my way- real casual, real nice.

So this morning- she already had the slips waiting for me (usually she has to go get our crap, etc etc) So she's like: you won't believe it! This girl came in and I thought she was you! She was tall like you and had long dark brown hair like you and she was built like you, AND she had a chubby face with the chubby cheeks like you do!

and I kinda chuckled and was like: oh gee thanks!

And she goes: no- I like your chubby cheeks!

and I kinda smiled and told her to have a good day and I'd see her tomorrow. Got in my car and wanted to cry. How awful. Why would anyone say that. Ok maybe if I grew up with a chubbyface- but I didn't always have a chubby face. AND I have such bad acne right now- that i feel selfconscious anyways- and I'm getting over my period which always makes me feel blah AND I'm exhausted.

All this to say... I wanted coffee for breakfast- not a punch to my self-confidence

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Business Cards!

So this website is having a promotion for free business cards!!!! In order for it to be free- you have to pick from one of their 42 designs. Uploading your own costs 34.99 boo. BUT when I looked- I found this one and fell in love!! It's so classy I love it!!!!! : ) :) :) :)

Soooo.... check out my new business card!!!! ::

Monday, February 2, 2009

Words of wisdom from Sex and the City

"Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you. Now it means that you're pretty sexy and you're taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with."

22 Things to Remember from my 22nd year of life:

· The 2 for 22 party.
· MRSA and boils
· Dating a boy I definitely can say without hesitation that I loved. and Breaking up with him, and dating him and then breaking up and then becoming really close friends, then a month long fight in the summer, then really making up and then being one of my best friends and then losing him again.
· Valentines Day – The Mile of Meet where single women can walk up and down the street that is lined with single men and take down their numbers, read their profiles and hopefully make a connection…. And me getting/giving my number to the HOST of the party… not any of the participating men. Nice.
· Valentines Day – Going to Rock bottom with Jared and Pouch because it was a Thursday- and hence starting the year long tradition of going EVERY possible Thursday. I’m sad that that tradition is dying – and secretly I still go in hopes that he’ll show up again. But I’m getting tired of it and maybe it’s time to give up hoping.
· Meeting friends and being so happy that I had a group of people to go out with and drink with. And then realizing that I’m clearly not as good a judge of character as I thought… and losing those friends.
· Finding new friends who have shown me for the first time in all of my life the meaning of true, self-less, sacrificing, unconditional friendship.
· The start of the Blog (Blob) and the sisterhood.
· The year of weddings, and doing hair and make up and photos for weddings. And realizing that I wish I could do it all at weddings – plan, hair, make up, photographer.
· That one amazing, terrifying, electrifying, incredible, breathtaking, unforgettable night, and the ones that followed.
· Having someone to dance with me in the rain and hold me on a swinging bench, cradling me and us sharing the most intimate memories while crying with me and kissing my forehead. And feeling more loved in that moment than ever before.
· The Christmas from hell including rotten pineapples, me getting really hurt, storming out of the house, and nearly cutting myself off from the family. It’s mostly funny now- but sad then
· Meeting my mom for lunches with grandma, including seeing Mama Mia and having my grandma yell slut in the middle of a crowded theater.
· Graduating College with a dual degree, on time and being able to study abroad. I’m proud of myself.
· Working at what I thought was the best job on the planet and having it ruin my self-esteem, my mental health, my physical health and my future. Then being unemployed, sears and now First Sealord Surety.
· The worst new years eve of my life – and how I lost one of my best friends and it has torn me apart ever since.
· Starting my own business, Kara Loomis Photography. And remembering the joy that a camera brings me, and remembering the awakening of… something that it has brought me. A feeling of independence, terror, joy, excitement, anxiety and happiness.
· Learning that trusting God is so hard- but when you do- blessings are ever increasing in number.
· I got Zuri, my baby kitty, this year. She has cost me money, annoyance and messes sometimes- but I love that cat like no other.
· Having my own room and bathroom and my first ever king sized bed- which I can’t begin to tell you has brought me joy. I’m most sad to let that go- but it’s all good and all needed.
· My sister getting engaged and me being able to be her maid of honor.
· Getting to know myself and who I am – and realizing that I AM one of the strongest people I know. I have flaws, and I have greatness, but all in all- I’m a pretty damn good little package. :)