Monday, February 9, 2009

Post Office now delivers hate mail

So I have to go to the Post office every morning to pick up the mail. The post office lady's name is Elisabeth. She's this cute middle aged skinny black woman. We usually just chat in the morning while I sign the slips and I'm on my way- real casual, real nice.

So this morning- she already had the slips waiting for me (usually she has to go get our crap, etc etc) So she's like: you won't believe it! This girl came in and I thought she was you! She was tall like you and had long dark brown hair like you and she was built like you, AND she had a chubby face with the chubby cheeks like you do!

and I kinda chuckled and was like: oh gee thanks!

And she goes: no- I like your chubby cheeks!

and I kinda smiled and told her to have a good day and I'd see her tomorrow. Got in my car and wanted to cry. How awful. Why would anyone say that. Ok maybe if I grew up with a chubbyface- but I didn't always have a chubby face. AND I have such bad acne right now- that i feel selfconscious anyways- and I'm getting over my period which always makes me feel blah AND I'm exhausted.

All this to say... I wanted coffee for breakfast- not a punch to my self-confidence

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