Friday, February 20, 2009

Let me tell you a little story about my lunch.

Me and the work girls (Emily, Kim and Stefanie) went out to Panera for lunch. Little did I know I would be getting a meal AND a show.

So we go, and the place is PACKED. There are little old ladies EVERYWHERE. So we wait in line and I get the bangin ceasar salad/broccoli cheddar soup combo. We finally find a place to sit in this little like room inside the restaurant that has like 4 tables. So we're excited.

Anyways. Half way through our meal we notice this short grubby fat and wicked greasy italian guy sitting next to us like about 2-3 yards away. He has a laptop cuz Panera has free wifi. Then we notice he has a huge has webcam attached to the top of it.

I turn to Stefanie and I'm like: if he whips anything out- we're outta here. Well NO sooner did I say this- I look across the table at Emily and her mouth DROPS in shock. We all turn and look and see that the girl this guy has been webcamming with has taken off her shirt and is shoving her boobs into the camera. Within ONE minute of that happening- it escalates and she is completely NAKED and dancing on the screen. Dancing all they way to the shower, while taking a shower and then after the shower.

We sat there for like a half hour because it was like a train wreck. All he kept saying over and over was: "That's great. That's just perfect."

If that weren't bad enough........ we then realize that he is TAKING SCREEN SHOTS from the webcam and saving them as pictures on his laptop!!!!! EWW

And if THAT weren't bad enough----- He is sitting by the door of this little room- aka: with his lap top facing the ENTIRE restaurant. No joke- we watched a group of 4 old ladies walk behind him , one mother/son combo, and a businessman and his girlfriend, just to name a few.

It was INSANE. And while this is happening- there are booths right near him that if he could have sat at - ones where his laptop would not be cause for offense to an entire restaurant of old ladies and families, and mid-twenties girls who are laughing their asses off while being simultaneously horrified, and making awful jokes like asking what time it is and saying it's shower time and him getting only a bag of chips and lots of napkins, etc etc. Nearly peed my damn pants.


In other news.... some changes going on at work that might mean permanent-ness for me *crosses fingers* yay health insurance!?!?!!

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