Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have news!

Ok so a few exciting things I'm going to recap with everyone real quick.

1) I have a date!! yay! I'm going over to Steve's house on friday because he's cooking me dinner!! (I've never had a guy cook for me before) so that's pretty bangin. This is the same guy who opened all my doors for me, brought me flowers and paid for dinner last week. So this should be exciting. I'm baking brownies and icecream for dessert (the ice cream I'm buying- not baking)

2) I ran a contest for discounted photoshoots for this sunday (cuz I thought I was poor and didn't have enough for health insurance (even though it turned out my deposit just didn't go though yet)). And whenever I used to be poor I used to think of ways to make money like::: prostitution, selling my eggs, etc etc. Now I can whore myself out with discounted photoshoots/promotions! yay! So anyways- pimped myself out on FB and I already booked 2 people!! Yay 200 dolla dolla bills y'all. So that's exciting. I'm really looking forward to it though!. One is head shots and one is grad pics.

3) Guess who's website just got launched?!?! THAT WOULD BE MINE!!!!!! Ok. Amy is a GENIUS!!!

Look at how BANGIN my website looks!!!! :) :) :) :)

This pic --->> is my home page and it is awesome. If you go to the portfolio page and click on the pictures in each section they FLY at you!!! :) hehe. ANDDDDD - the front page is a SLIDESHOW. And I just LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEE IT!!!! I'm really excited :) MANY MANY THANKS to Amy for her awesome awesome work!!

The website ISSSSSSS:::::


That's all for now friends!!! Love!

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