Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What I have in my purse

I'm doing a fun post today!

I carry around a large purse.  It's insane.  But I love it!  Why? Because it has everything I need!  I never have to go without!  

I used to get really frustrated running into someone and not having make up or planning a last minute date or get together and not having stuff to freshen up. Or those little medical emergencies that pop up at the MOST inopportune time! 

I'm sure you ladies have had this happen!  So maybe, by me telling you what's in MY bag - perhaps it will inspire you to become big bag ladies too!

First of all: the bag:

I love this bag.  It's soft, it's huge it was $20.  I got it at a flea market.  It has a fake Dolce and Gabana label on it - and it's been mistaken as real quite a few times.  love it.  Best investment ever.

Second.  It's all about the organization.  I got one of these 3 bag travel packs from clinique back in the day due to their free give aways or something.  I whipped those out to help me organize everything and it's been the best.  Here are my three bags:

Also say hi to my desk at work!

So let me go through the bags for you all!  We'll start smallest to largest:

My smallest bag I use for my cool sunglasses.  I always used to have sunglasses but they ALWAYS break or I lose them.  Now that I found ones that I really like - I want to make sure to keep them- and having them in this little bag? They fit perfectly and keep them safe!

ok that was an easy one.

Next I'm actually going to do the big bag. The big bag is what I call the beauty bag:

First of all let me say. I'm a HUGE advocate for baggies.  They are perfect! I put all my brushes in one. Al my "tubes" (lipstick, eyeliner, mascara) in another one, and I use that brown bag for all my powders (blush, bronzer and eyeshadow) Things that float are the square makeup compacts, eye lash curler and tweezers.  

The best part about having this all set together in a bag is that I grab it at home, put my make up on, and throw it all back into their respective baggies/holders, throw it in my purse and I'm out the door!  It's all organized!

I personally like organizing things together based on their likeness.  Brushes in one bag, powders in another, tubes in another.  But another way to organize your make up could be: a bag of things you use everyday and then extras.  This way you have a smaller bag of all your "go-to" things that you can grab out at home and all your extras you can leave in the bag for special occasions or whatever.  

Ok moving along... the middle bag or my "emergency" bag:

Ok what do I have in this mess of stuff?  I'll tell you.  From left to right. Glasses case (and glasses) bobbypins, listerine mouth spray, make up remover, lotion, anti-bacterial hand lotion, hair frizz-remover for those crazy humid days, deodorant, contacts and solution, prescription, aleve, excedrin, sleep aids, pepto bismal, zyrtec.   

Pretty much everything I would need if I get stuck or if I end up sleeping over somewhere. :)

Things not pictures that are in my purse: Fingerless gloves, my wallet, my cell phone, my keys, my hand sanitizer that is attached to my keys and an extra pair of underwear in case I get stuck over night some where ;) and my apple that I had for breakfast!

Anyways...  That's what I have in my purse! If I have to run into a store, I will leave it behind my back seat covered and just take my wallet and keys - but it's a comfort to have everything I need with me just in case!

So.... what's in your purse?!

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