Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's Ma Birthday!!!


As always I will be doing my birthday post (ok not "as always" but rather... like last year)

The 23 things I remember from my 23rd year:

1) Moved out of the Devon apartment in with Sarah in Malvern

2) Got my new kitty Mani- my little love bug

3) Got to really know Kim, Stef and Emily from Broadlands before we all separated and have made lifelong friends.

4) Got a new job at 1and1.

5) Became friends with LaurLo

6) My sister got married!

7) My photography really picked up and word of mouth started to catch fire and spread!

8) Shot my first wedding!!

9) Stayed single the entire year- but had a lot of fun being single ;)

10) Took my first ever paid vacation day! (and went massive shopping)

11) Got into family and friend fights :(

12) Got put on anti-depressants which totally helped.

13) Got a new out look on life and have been much happier!

14) Reconnected with old friends

15) Made a lot of new friends

16) Sang karaoke for the first time and fell in love with it. 

17) Met Sarah on Craigslist and turned out to be a good rooming situation!

18) Had a few trips to Avalon and MD for some pretty cool weekends!

19) Had some very funny stories involving boys (motorboat, disgrace to my tribe, boys likin boys)

20) Lived without a tv for 6 months (:-O)

21) Learned to like cooking a little bit more than I used to

22) My photography now has a dot Com! (www.karaloomisphotography.com) - and I set up a website this year

23) Got crafty.... meaning: making my own jewlery, creative baking, and also: answer funny questions at formspring.me/karamaye0202 (GO THERE AND ASK ME ?SSSSS)

And one for good luck:  Have some really really funny and witty things that I've said when making memories... usually at bars. 

UP AND ONWARD ONTO 24!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. i loved reading this post! i'm happy you have a new job and new friends! it sounds like things are looking up for you, my darling! :)

    love you.