Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New year- new blog (I'm a copy cat)

Ok so---- I've noticed that both my friends Amanda and Brittany have "started new" or revamped their blogs for 2010 with a resolution to start updating more.

I'm a little late to the game considering it's January 7th- but.... it's always better to be late than never.  So here I be.

I'm going to hopefully talk about something that I have found online or that I'm interested in.... basically: "Kara's Thing Of The Day" (or at least- every other day--- I'll try my best!!)

So my thing of today is (obviously since it's so popular!).......... AVATAR!

ok so... have you seen this yet?  If not----- DON"T WALK--RUN!  Go SEE IT!

I saw it at the King of Prussia IMAX theater in 3D.  KOP's imax is the largest IMAX screen in all of pennsylvania.  55 feet.  And the 3D?  Wow.  Lets just say that I had eaten pizza before hand, and i got a little sick to my stomach with the amazing graphics and 3D on such a large screen.  I felt like i was IN the movie, flying around.

Avatar is quickly becoming the top grossing movie of all time, with same director James Cameron's Titanic being at the top (barf).   It's so incredible- I can't even begin to tell you.  I'm dying to see it again if only it weren't ALWAYS entirely sold out!!  It came out 2 weeks ago- and I had to get my ticket before hand- and it's still constantly selling out. Insanity.

My goal is to see it again and soon!  It's a perfect date movie as it's not too romancey and it has a lot of action.  It's a perfect mix!  I'm DYING to see it again! (did I say that already?  CUZ IT"S TRUE)

Anyways... I heard on the radio this morning that the special edition dvd of avatar will include a special sex scene between the aliens..... oh snap!  They cut it out to make the movie family friendly--- which- it was. 

So anyways.... that's that for now.  

To all my followers (aka--- maybe my sister--hey girl!) Happy New Year!  May 2010 be all about YOU.  Take care of yourself, and be happy.  

Til tomorrow!  Adios!


  1. well, poo... i commented on this earlier and it neglected to publish (hate when that happens!).

    anywho... don't forget to count me in as a follower! especially since i helped "inspire" you to start blogging again :) (and because we both love our snuggies!)

  2. How do I make you a follower?? Don't you have to hit the follow button?? Let me know cuz you're totally in!