Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dream dream dream dreeeeeaaamm

So I actually had a dream last night about updating this blog.  My thing of the day was that I got married!  Funny thing? I SAW the husband in the dream.  He looked a little like...hmm.... maybe a real life Eric from the Little Mermaid. 

It was strange to say the least but.... I saw a picture of him and me.... we were getting married outside at night with a white runner and this gorgeous white and vine arch tunnel that was like a trellis - and there were sparkly lights everywhere.  It was gorgeous.  I had my hair down and I was wearing a lace dress.  kind of like:

It was an amazingly beautiful wedding.  And I was BEAMING I was so happy.  

And then it cut to me and my roommate Sarah packing up our apartment- but I was still living with Caitlin- my high school friend as well - and I kept taking her furniture because she was giving it away and she didn't know I had 2 cats.  It was very strange.

So that's my dream.  And I did update about it- but not with the picture of me and my hubby on our wedding day.  But thems the breaks.

As for my thing of the day:

Saxby's coffee.  

I usually stop off at Wawa to get some coffee and a water for my upcoming 8 hours of work.  But today I thought I was running kind of late - so I bypassed Wawa and by the time I hit 30 - the traffic wasn't so bad so I decided that coffee was in my immediate future.  Being sick of wawa coffee (it's not the same since they discontinued the Kenyan coffee :( BRING IT BACCKKK) - I decided to make a quick detour into the old It's A Grind Coffee that has been transformed into a Saxbys.  

Now if any of you are familiar with Saxbys - you are aware of their serving of FroYo, and about 30 flavors of lattes include Grasshopper (mint), Almond Joy (coconut, chocolate and almond), Irishman (Something irish flavored).

I was entirely excited because a coconut coffee flavored business was in my aspirations for the morning.  Until I realized that perhaps since they're in transitions- they don't have all the flavors!!  :(  Sucking up my disappointment- i ordered my standard mocha  and that's when I realized....

They use GODIVA chocolate!!!!!!  Music to my ears!  This mocha is fantastic!  It may possibly even rival the starbucks mocha! I also have a chocolate chip muffin I popped in the microwave and am thoroughly enjoying my morning breakfast!

Unfortunately it is hindered by this massive cold that I have been fighting for weeks now.  I asked my boss to be moved to a different desk (a vent blows directly into my face, dries out my eyes and makes me downright sick and I can't take it much longer) so hopefully I'll start feeling better once he moves me.... which i hope is soon.

That's all for now but here are some posts that you can look forward to:

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AND SO MUCH MOREEEEEEEE!!!  Stay tuned! :)

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